Global Recycling Day 2019 on 18 March will promote the role young citizens, innovation and education have to play in building a sustainable world.

Led by Global Recycling Foundation, the inaugural 2017 event saw more than 13 million people worldwide engage in activities to raise awareness of waste issues. This yea’s theme is ‘Recycling into the Future’ and the Foundation is urging cities and organisations to add their voices top using a circular economy agenda.


“The success of the first Global Recycling Day in 2018 showed just how many millions of people across the world are willing to support recycling. We now want to spread the message further and make sure that the importance of better recycling practices is at the forefront of everyone’s minds,” said Ranjit Baxi, Founding President of Global Recycling Foundation. “The second Global Recycling Day will allow the Global Recycling Foundation to communicate with young people globally, ensuring they know of the positive impact they can have on the future of the planet and the preservation of our natural resources. The future is in our hands and together we can make a difference.”


Get involved on social media using hashtag   and keep an eye on the Foundation’s website for details of events near you.