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Take part in EU Green Week

‘Green Cities for a Greener Future’ is the theme of this year’s EU Green Week.

And the organisers are calling on people to get involved and plan a partner event to complement the official programme, which includes a ‘high level conference in Brussels’.

With citizens across the continent increasingly living in cities, innovative solutions will be needed to build sustainable systems in areas like energy and waste management.

Bringing people together, via participatory events, is a great way to share ideas on how to tackle the challenges created by bigger urban populations. While partner events held during EU Green Week, which runs from 21 to 25 May, are  ‘particularly welcome’ they can be anytime from 21 April until 10 June 2018 to be listed and promote via the official EU Green Week channels.

Follow the build up on Twitter using hashtag #EUGreenWeek

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renewable energy

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