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Take a walk on sustainability street

Algae is amazing. That is pretty much the gist of all our articles on it.

Take two of our recent headlines: Algae can do pretty much anything and The endless potential of algae. You get the idea, we’re giving it some pretty good press – and rightfully so.

American company Bloom is another worthy of a mention when it comes to talking about what’s going on in the world of algae.

“Bloom is a performance-based materials manufacturer, founded in 2015. Bloom offers the first sustainable alternative to the synthetic and petrochemical foams prevalent in today’s market. Using algae biomass helps offset the significant use of petroleum ingredients found in conventional flexible foams,” a company blog says.

The algal blooms it removes from the tops of lakes and ponds “can hurt freshwater habitats and the people and animals living around them”. So using it to make materials for shoes is a win-win for the environment.

And now Barefoot shoe company Vivobarefoot is going to use them in its new Ultra shoes.

“This is a true revolution for the footwear industry with the first plant based alternative to the petro-foams in ubiquitous use. We are thrilled to be the first company to use Bloom in our shoes and further our mission to make the perfect shoe – perfect for feet and minimal impact on the planet,” Galahad Clark, founder and MD at Vivobarefoot was quoted as saying in the same Bloom blog.

The Ultra shoe will be available from next month at


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