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Take a shot at Global Goal 11

Startups can play an important role in helping to realise UN Global Goal 11 – to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Our impact comms lead, Carlotta De Toni, has arrived at Goal 11 in her Instagram journey through all 17. Carlotta highlights the need for innovations that can alleviate the pressures created by growing populations on urban environments – like growing fresh produce indoors.

Young innovators with a passion for finding solutions to the world’s biggest problems should be thinking about Goal 11 – and also joining Carlotta on Instagram to get involved in the conversation on Global Goals.

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Swipe right➡️➡️➡️➡️As I was saying in my previous post, we are all connected, so are our cities with the rest of the land. There are now, more people living in urban areas than ever before and this number is growing each day. This situation is not sustainable and there is a great need for innovations that will be able to help both city and countryside’s dwellers. I was quite impressed by the number of home-tech and agtech innovations that I could witness at the latest Seeds&Chips summit in Milan. So much is being done to find solutions that will allow growing fresh produce indoors and help farmers to grow greater yields thanks to precision agtech. But it is not just about food; some of the other targets that this SDG aims to reach is access to affordable housing and transport for all; reduce the per capita environmental impact of cities; and ensure access to green and public spaces. So join me for this next SDG: Sustainable cities and Communities

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