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Swedish family joins self-driving revolution

The Hain family and Volvo Cars President & CEO Håkan Samuelsson


Volvo is spearheading a pioneering project to trial 100 autonomous cars on Swedish roads this year.

Driven in real traffic on the roads around Gothenburg – the home of Volvo Cars – the Drive Me project is a collaborative research program consisting of several players from public, private and academic fields.

The premium car maker revealed earlier this month its distinctive approach to developing autonomous cars with the introduction of a family of four at the Detroit Motor Show.

The Hain family, from Gothenburg in Sweden, are the first people chosen to take part in a real-life autonomous drive research program using real cars, in real traffic.

“We do things differently at Volvo Cars – we always have,” said Håkan Samuelsson, President & CEO, Volvo Car Group. “Our main focus has always been on people and making their lives easier. Technology should improve the consumer experience making mobility safer, sustainable and more convenient.”

Henrik Green, Senior Vice President, Research and Development at Volvo Car Group said: “The aim of the Drive Me research project is to focus on how to enhance people’s lives and have a positive impact on society. We take a holistic rather than a purely technical approach to our research and development processes. No one else to our knowledge is developing autonomous drive from a human-centric standpoint.”

The Swedish car maker plans to have its first fully autonomous car on the market by 2021.


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