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Swedish project to fuel sustainable future

3D render of the national flag of Sweden over the geographic location of the country on a world map. Parts of this image furnished by NASA.

|15 March 2017|


A pioneering new partnership designed to advance a large-scale biofuel project in Sweden has been given the green light.

It would see Preem use Vattenfall’s climate-smart hydrogen gas to produce renewable fuel. Preem has already declared its intention to produce three million cubic metres of renewable fuel yearly by 2030, which would account for the bulk of the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in the Swedish transport sector. This collaboration could be a key element of that plan.

“We need to use many different types of raw materials and produce several different types of fuels to replace fossil fuels with renewables. Many different solutions are also needed. Preem’s contribution is to make fuels that are as green and efficient as possible. The collaboration is also a step in our vision to be to the fore in the transition towards a sustainable society,” says Petter Holland, CEO and President at Preem.

Magnus Hall, President and CEO at Vattenfall, added: “This is a significant step for us and I am very positive about the potential of this collaboration. I see both business opportunities and climate benefits, where Vattenfall can contribute with climate-smart and competitive hydrogen gas.”

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