|10 November 2015|

Scotland’s creative industries make a huge contribution to the cultural and economical health of the country. The Scottish government understands its importance and is committed to supporting this most innovative of sectors.

In a keynote speech to a gathering of arts and creative leaders in Glasgow tonight, Scotland’s culture secretary Fiona Hyslop will outline a range of measures her government takes to support the creative industries.

Speaking ahead of the Creative Industries Federation roadshow, Ms Hyslop said: “We recognise that Scotland’s cultural and creative activities are as important to our international reputation, our economic prosperity and the trade and investment agenda as direct business support and export promotion. The creative industries employ more people than the oil and gas industry in Scotland and generate a higher GVA than the life sciences sector.

“It is our job to create and sustain the conditions which ensure our creative industries can grow and flourish, I want to see improved engagement between the public sector and our creative industries to ensure that we are accountable and responsive to their needs.”