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Studio seeks recipe for food safety


A pioneering new facility opened in America is going to bring together scientists and manufacturers to advance food safety.

The food safety studio in Bellevue, Washington, is an initiative led by MilliporeSigma, one of the US arms of Merck KGaA, the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company.

“The opening of MilliporeSigma’s Food Safety Studio demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the safety of the global food supply,” said Jean-Charles Wirth, Head of the Applied Solutions business unit at MilliporeSigma. “With this investment, we are bringing teams together in a workspace designed to foster open innovation and collaboration with the goal of becoming the leader in food safety testing.”

Technology developed at the studio will be designed to quickly detect food borne pathogens. In America around 48 million people are hit with food borne illness annually, according to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, and this new collaboration space will work to tackle it.

Technology and cross-sectoral partnerships are redefining the parameters of what is possible when it comes to improving food safety. This month, for example, we reported a new alliance between major names in the global food industry and IBM, which is using blockchain technologies to boost product safety.

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