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Stemming the tide of plastic waste

World Oceans Day tomorrow (make that today now) is a great opportunity to impress on people that urgent action is needed to save our seas from plastic waste.

The clear and present danger of plastics was highlighted in a report by the circular economy’s Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which said that “by 2050 oceans could contain more plastics than fish (by weight)”.

Projects are underway to avert this disaster, including the Clean Seas initiative – launched by UN Environment – which is working to ‘turn the tide on plastic’. It has a list of actions people can take to make a difference, including encouraging companies to use less plastic.


The Ellen MacArthur Foundation also launched a £2 million innovation prize last month to keep ‘plastics out of the sea’.

While an environmentalist recently crossed the English channel on a stand up paddle board to raise awareness of the scourge of plastic waste. And she has an app to help people join her in fighting the problem.

Remember to join the conversation tomorrow (yes today) #worldoceansday #CleanSeas

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