The world’s largest startup campus promises startups applying for its Founders Program ‘no bullshit mentors or coaches’.

French President Emmanuel Macron has said of Station F that “if you want to invent – you have to come here”. And early stage companies keen to go there can apply to join the Founders Program until 2 April. Underpinned by a philosophy which revolves around one idea: 90% of entrepreneurs’ problems are solved by other entrepreneurs, the program – one of 30 at the campus – is open to startups around the world.

“Of all the programs we have at Station F, the Founders Program is the biggest and is focused on working with early stage startups — regardless of their industry or country of origin. While a majority of our partner programs work with 10-20 startups, the Founders Program works with approximately 200 startups at any given time and accepts 50–100 new startups per year. Startups in the Founders Program must stay a minimum of thee months and can stay until they reach 15 employees. During their stay, they have access to all Station F resources and desks cost only €195/desk/month,” blogged Roxanne Varza, Director of Station F.