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Startup pioneers life-saving imaging tech

|27 March 2017|


Pioneering startup Microsonix has won £10,000 in prize money for its miniature ultrasound device after securing top spot in Imperial College London‘s Venture Catalyst Challenge.

With some of the world’s poorest and most remote regions deprived of this life-saving imaging technology, Microsonix’s breakthrough innovation can help break down the barriers created by cost and logistics.

The current model is the size of a pen. Portable and designed for mass scale production, it is also cheap and connects with smartphones and tablets.

Microsonix Co-Founder, Hamid Soleimani, singled out the support received from their supervisor at Imperial College London. “Our supervisor helped us shape our vision and use our technical expertise to scale it down to the size and cost we need,” he told Imperial News.

The ultimate goal is to develop a “single chip, which could be swallowed in a capsule for imaging the digestive tract”, according to Imperial News.

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