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Standing up for the environment


Environmentalist Lizzie Carr will attempt to become the first female to cross the English Channel on a stand up paddle board (SUP) in less than 24 hours.

Innovators Magazine online recently ran a story – standing up to scourge of plastic waste – about Lizzie’s upcoming challenge, which aims to raise awareness of the devastating pollution being caused by plastic waste in the sea.

The 24 mile journey from Dungeness to Boulogne is due to begin at 7am tomorrow. Visit her website for live updates of the channel adventure.

This summer Lizzie’s Plastic Patrol initiative will provide people with a great opportunity to join her in tackling the issue by removing ‘as much plastic as possible from ‘inland waterways and coastlines by the end of 2017’. People can take part, and get a free ride on an SUP in to the bargain, at one of 14 participating locations across the UK. She will also be launching the free #PlasticPatrol App (available on android and IOS) to enable people to record where the problem areas are so clean-up operations can get underway. The global app will mean anyone, wherever they are, can join the movement. All results will be presented on a first of its kind interactive map on the website.

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