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Solar will shine during eclipse

Solar Eclipse. The moon moving in front of the sun. Illustration


Innovative battery storage systems will help keep the lights on in California next week during a rare solar eclipse, an industry body has confirmed.

The solar eclipse next Monday morning is expected to hide three quarters of the sun in the northern part of the state and by 62% in southern California. Grid operator California Independent System Operator, the biggest in the region, estimates this will result in a 5,560 MW drop in solar production. Around 3,000 MWs of grid-connected storage will ensure energy security during the near three hour duration of the eclipse, according to the California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA).

“Storage is an innovative part of the California grid that provides key capabilities for operating a cleaner and more affordable grid, while also ramping up extremely quickly to meet electricity needs when solar power wanes, as we expect during the August 21st eclipse,” explained CESA Policy Director Alex Morris.

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