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Smart cities give you more time

Time is a priceless currency everyone wants to have more of but it is often difficult to find in an increasingly hectic world.

With the UN estimating two-thirds of the global population will live in cities by 2030; space, logistics and services will be under huge pressures. Tech-driven solutions will be key to building liveable and sustainable urban centres. And new research sponsored by Intel indicates smart city tech can ‘give back’ 125 hours to citizens annually.

The report also ranks today’s 20 leading smart cities, with Chicago, New York, London and San Francisco currently the standout locations for ‘integrating connected services and internet of things (IoT) technologies’.

“Cities are engines of economic activity, and we as an industry need to make them more resilient and responsive. Partnerships between city planners, government officials, private companies, OEMs, software developers and startups are creating smart city ecosystems that will empower citizens while reducing our carbon footprint,” said Sameer Sharma, global general manager of smart cities IoT solutions at Intel.

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