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Smart cities are safer


As cities become smarter they also get safer, according to a new report by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

The CTA released its study – The Rise and Growth of Smart Cities in Europeat preview events in Paris and Amsterdam for January’s CES® 2018, CTA’s annual consumer tech event in Las Vegas. It looked at the way Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are transforming urban centres by facilitating smart and connected options like parking assistance apps, smart energy meters and automated street lighting

“The smart city is making incredible strides – especially in Europe – harnessing ingredient technologies such as artificial intelligence, sensors, data analytics, connectivity and more to change our lives for the better,” explained Steve Koenig, senior director of market research, CTA. “Smart cities make daily life in our communities more efficient, reduce environmental impact, improve city services, create jobs and benefit the economy. They make us safer and offer greater accessibility. And with two-thirds of the world’s population living in cities by 2050, now is the time to harness technology’s potential to improve urban life.”

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