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Singapore to trial marine biofuels

Can biofuels provide a sustainable power alternative to the shipping industry? A new collaborative project in Singapore is going to test the idea.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has signed an agreement with BHP and GoodFuels Marine to run a biofuels pilot project next year. GoodFuels Marine is an international supplier of marine biofuel. It currently supplies fuel to the Port of Amsterdam and this latest initiative will see it lend its expertise to the “largest bunkering port in the world”.

“We are very proud that our ‘biofuel-footprint’ of supply locations and sustainable customers is spreading from Europe to the largest bunkering port in the world and our first Asian partner as well. From now on, sustainable marine biofuels are available in Singapore for those ship and freight owners that want to eliminate their carbon and sulphur emissions,” said Dirk Kronemeijer, Chief Executive Officer of GoodFuels.

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