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Singapore sparks clean meat revolution

Cultivated meat will now be imported and sold in Singapore, thanks to a historic decision made by the country’s food agency. In a world first, the Singapore Food Agency has given Eat Just approval to sell its cultivated chicken bite.

Lab grown meat, free from growth hormones and antibiotics, is a slaughter-free solution that looks set to dominate the future of food. Trailblazers in clean meat innovations include Memphis Meats, Lab Farm Foods, Mosa Meat, Shiok Meats, Super Meat, Cell Farm Food Tech and Higher Steaks. And the list really does goes on, in a rapidly growing global sector that will be buoyed by the Singapore decision.

Welcoming the news, Bruce Friedrich, Executive Director at the Good Food Institute, said: “A new space race for the future of food is underway. And Singapore has thrown down the gauntlet and other countries need to pick it up. As nations race to divorce meat production from industrial animal agriculture, countries that delay their investment in this bright food future risk getting left behind. The government that manages to divorce meat production from the need for living animals is going to have bragging rights until the end of time.”

He added: “Cultivated meat will mark an enormous advance in our efforts to create a food supply that is safe, secure, and sustainable – and Singapore is leading the way on this transition.” 

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