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Sing for your free taxi

Finland is simply fantastic at communicating to the wider public the ways in which they can connect with the sustainable industries transforming our world.

We said last summer it is the country to talk to when it comes to raising awareness about the circular economy. And we have to say hats off to clean energy company, Fortum, for its Singalong Shuttle, which is set to woo crowds at next month’s  Ruisrock festival in Finland. It is a fun way to showcase sustainable and emission-free travel that everyone can get on board with. Just sing and the trip is free.


“With Singalong Shuttle we want to show people in a joyful way how comfortable and easy it is to drive an electric car. The silent electric cars make it possible to enjoy singing without background noise and emissions,” said Fortum’s Brand Manager Jussi Mälkiä.


So if you are going to Ruisrock, on from 6 to 8 July, sing loudly for some free taxi rides.

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