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Siemens to keep Oktoberfest revellers refreshed

|5 September 2016|


Munich will welcome more than six million people to Oktoberfest and Siemens pioneering technology will be key to keeping visitors refreshed.

Automation solutions from Siemens control special beer pipelines – the only ones of its kind worldwide –that supply the Hacker, Winzerer Faehndl and Braeurosl festival tents with their tasty Oktoberfest brews.

Siemens also supplies drives and control systems as well as energy distribution for the festival’s rides.

And 2016 marks a very special year in the German beer industry: the 500th jubilee of the Purity Law or “Reinheitsgebot”. In 1516, the Bavarian co-rulers Duke Wilhelm IV and Ludwig X issued a decree in Ingolstadt to the effect that henceforth, only barley, hops and water could be used in the brewing of beer. The world’s oldest food law was born, and its fame has since spread around the world. German beer is one of the country’s most popular exports, with around 1.5 billion liters shipped to foreign shores every year.

Starting September 17 Oktoberfest runs for two weeks.

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Iain Robertson
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