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‘Shop less and make more’

Events are being held in up to 100 cities as part of a Greenpeace-led initiative encouraging people to ‘shop less and make more’.

MAKE SMTHNG Week – now underway – is all about changing behaviours in an ‘easy, fun and accessible’ way. There is no cost to attend any of the events and nothing is sold.

“Every MAKE SMTHNG event is different and involves local partners from various backgrounds. We collaborate with artists, chefs, fashion and product designers, upcyclers, creatives, models, youtubers and bloggers, zero waste activists, repair cafes and many dedicated volunteers to make each event a special experience. The only rule we have is #BuyNothing. We don’t charge atten-dance fee for the activities and don’t sell any products. We use as many recycled materials as possible. We want to teach easy applicable skills, and want people to take away something they made for someone they love,” the event website states.

Cities around the world are taking part; details are listed on the events calendar.

Orsola De Castro, Founder of Fashion Revolution, which is holding a Maker Disco event in London, said: “It is incredibly exciting to join forces with Greenpeace for MAKE SMTHNG Week. Reintroducing creativity, crafts and emotions in our relationship with clothes is a brilliant way to take action. After all, our wardrobes are a part of the fashion supply chain, and our choices can have a huge effect in making things better, for people and planet. We are producing over 100 billion garments a year, and wearing just a fraction of that. How much more stuff do we need? Time to care for the things we already own. Long Live My Clothes!”

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