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Sensors keep food fresh

Scientists in Switzerland are developing sensor technology that can better monitor food while it is being transported.

Researcher Giovanni Salvatore, from the Electronics Laboratory at ETH Zurich university, is working with others at the institution on pioneering biodegradable food sensors. Thinner than human hair, the sensors could be used to ensure food remains fresh in transit.

“In preparation for transport to Europe, fish from Japan could be fitted with tiny temperature sensors, allowing them to be continuously monitored to ensure they are kept at a cool enough temperature,” Giovanni explained.

The downside at this time is the process to make them takes time and is pricey but Giovanni is confident that “once the price of biosensors falls enough, they could be used virtually anywhere”.

We also reported in April that scientists at the Empa Materials Science and Technology Institute in Switzerland have created sensors for checking the temperature of fruits being transported in containers. This can help combat the large amounts of fruit lost in the journey from producer to a supermarket, as it pinpoints where any issues arise so action can be taken.

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