|21 April 2016|


Key figures from the Scottish biotechnology industry are in California this week to meet with leading stakeholders based in the San Diego area.

The international outlook of Scotland’s pioneering Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) is attracting growing interest in the country, which has the infrastructure and expertise to  become a major hub of an industry which it is estimated will be worth £360 billion in 10 years.

A team from IBioIC will be joined today (Thursday) by leaders from Scottish Development International (SDI), the country’s investment body, on a delegation trip around the San Diego area. The city is home to more than 400 biotechnology companies, which generate billions of dollars for the local and national economies. The team from Scotland is in town to meet with some of them to explore opportunities for collaboration and showcase the benefits of doing biotech business with Scotland.

Paul Hudman, Business Development Manager at IBioIC, told Innovators: “We make it simple to do business with the Scottish biotech industry. We have effective mechanisms in place to facilitate and fund relationships, manage research platforms, and access world-leading academics.”

Today’s meetings follow three busy days of intense networking by IBioIC and SDI at the World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology, which was held in the city’s convention center this week.

Roger Kilburn, IBioIC CEO, told us: “I believe industrial biotechnology can become one of Scotland’s top economic sectors, that we have the strengths to be a key influencer in the industry on a global scale.”

Innovators Magazine will have more on the delegation story throughout today.