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Scotland shows ‘great leadership’

Scotland is going to introduce a ‘deposit return scheme’ to help reduce waste and grow the circular economy.

Such a scheme involves a small deposit being placed on plastic bottles and drinks containers, which is returned to consumers when they deposit them in machines at designated drop-off points.

“We will design and introduce a deposit return scheme for drinks containers,” Scotland’s First Nicola Sturgeon told the country’s parliament yesterday. “And we will do more to support the circular economy and reduce waste.”

Action and commitment that has been warmly welcomed by other world leaders and champions of sustainability.

On twitter the Head of UN Environment, Erik Solheim said ‘Great leadership and commitments on climate, emissions, clean air, pollution, circular economy and plastic waste from !’

While Willie Mackenzie, oceans expert at Greenpeace UK, said the “announcement by the First Minister is a massive step in stopping plastic pollution”.

Innovators Magazine recently named Scotland one of the leading circular economy nations. It won the Circular Government Award at this year’s Circulars and has pledged to become an international exemplar of circularity. This latest move shows it heading in the right direction.

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