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Scotland is a clean energy leader

May was another big month for the renewable energy sector in Scotland.

WWF Scotland revealed that wind power to the grid supplied enough energy for 100% of Scottish households for 11 days in May. When business and industry is accounted for, wind energy provided just under half of all Scotland’s energy needs for the month.

“The global energy revolution is unstoppable and continues at pace here in Scotland,” said WWF Scotland’s acting director Dr Sam Gardner. “May proved to be another great month for renewables with the wind sector meeting 95 per cent of the electricity needs of Scotland’s households. On one day in particular, May 15, output from turbines generated enough electricity to power 190 per cent of homes or 99 per cent of Scotland’s total electricity demand.”

The sun was shining too.

“Thanks to a super sunny month, solar was on sizzling form and could have met more than 100% of household electricity demand in towns and cities across Scotland,” added Gardner.

Scotland is a sustainable source of renewable energy headlines. In April the country was testing the most powerful tidal turbine on the planet, while plans are progressing for the Scotland-Norway electricity superhighway.

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