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Salt Lake blueprint a game changer

A grassroots renewable energy revolution is sweeping America. Falling like dominoes, one-by-one city, community and state lawmakers, are endorsing plans to transition to a future powered by 100% clean energy.

Salt Lake County Council is the latest to make the move, according to the Sierra Club, with a plan to run on renewable electricity by 2030. The new legislation will require local utility Rocky Mountain Power to switch from using fossil fuels to renewable sources.

“The Community Renewable Energy Act is not simply a made-in-good-faith 100% renewable energy goal; it is an actionable plan to bring participating Utah communities to the clean energy future,” explained Lindsay Beebe of the Utah Sierra Club. “What’s more is that the bill is first-of-its-kind legislation that can be used as a blueprint in other states to encourage utilities to partner with communities to power themselves with 100% renewable energy.”

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