|11 January 2016|

Scottish salmon is in high demand across the world and the Highlands and Islands economy is reaping the benefits.

This growing industry is helping breathe life back into rural communities more used to losing people seeking a new career rather than attracting them.

Nearly two and a half thousand people are directly employed by the sector and workers from other sectors can be seen relocating with their families to join the industry and the communities where salmon are farmed, helping rural life thrive.

Skill levels are rising as the industry includes specialists in biology, fish health, modelling, engineering, IT and supply chain logistics, with many employees undertaking extensive in-house training or a degree level qualification.

“Technological advancements are transforming the salmon farming industry in Scotland” industry spokesperson, Jamie Smith, stated at a recent EU summit highlighting the economic benefits of aquaculture.

On a global scale, Scotland is the largest producer of farmed Atlantic salmon in the EU, and third largest producer in the world.  It is Scotland’s largest food export with farm gate value reaching £700m in 2014.