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Sally the robot makes mean salad

|6 April 2017|


Sally the salad-making robot will soon be serving hungry Americans in record time.

Developed by the exciting food technology company Chowbotics, Sally makes a fresh salad in a minute using up to 21 seasonal ingredients.

“Sally the Salad Robot, creates custom salads that are ingredient driven, chef inspired, and robot delivered,” the company’s website says.

And the ‘chef who fed Google’ – Charlie Ayers – is the inspiration behind Sally’s signature dishes.

On his partnership with Chowbotics, Charlie said: “Having spent my career in Silicon Valley, the intersection of food and technology has always fascinated and inspired me. I am proud to collaborate with the Chowbotics team to bring robotics to food service. This is the future.”

Tech driven creative workspace provider Galvanize will give Sally one of its first gigs.

“At Galvanize, we are committed to investing in technology and education that is accessible to anyone with the determination and drive, ability and aptitude to learn the skills they need to not only transform their lives but also their communities. That is why we invested in Chowbotics through our venture arm and are thrilled to be one of the first to deploy Sally at our San Francisco campus. This innovative technology is creating additional options for people to access nutrition and enhance productivity while they learn, work and grow,” Jim Deters, Galvanise CEO said.

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