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Running your car on Christmas leftovers


Producing enough ‘renewable fuel from food waste to enable a private car to travel three times around the globe’ is the aim of an ambitious new project in Finland.

Neste – a leading name in renewable fuel production – boasts the tech to convert excess cooking fat into renewable fuel. And this festive season the company is calling on Finnish households to collect their cooking leftovers for fuel production to help them achieve its target.

The waste fat of roasting one turkey or baking one ham equates to around two miles driven in a car, according to Neste. So with Finns consuming more than 15 million pounds of ham every Christmas the race is on to produce enough fuel to power a car around the world three times.

“Producing fuels from waste and residue is the responsible and sensible thing to do. In this way, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by as much as 80% when compared with conventional fossil diesel,” says Matti Lievonen, the CEO of Neste.


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