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Roommates must work together

Earth is the shared home none of us are moving out of. So it is up to us to keep it healthy, ensure it is fit to support the needs of all who live in it, and those who will one day call it home.

Resilience Frontiers is one initiative working to bring people and ideas together to plan for a world that is fit for purpose for future generations. Innovators Magazine was at the brainstorming launch event in South Korea last year that focused on imaging a world beyond the Global Goals. My daughter, Holly Robertson, was one of those who attended. While only a fleeting visit for this young five-year-old, it was nonetheless another example of how the culture of generational silo thinking to problem-solving is being replaced by forums that openly welcome new voices. Read more about Resilience Frontiers and explore ways you can contribute to a sustainable world.

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Iain Robertson
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