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Robots to feed sports fans

Sports fans at stadiums in America may soon be thanking robots for keeping them fed and watered.

Hospitality company, Levy, has penned a deal with Miso Robotics to recruit robotic kitchen assistants for sports venues across the States.

“We understand that our guests desire exceptional experiences and we’re committed to making sure each one we serve has the most memorable and frictionless dining experiences possible. What appealed to us most in partnering with Miso Robotics is our shared vision in changing the way food is prepared through advanced technology. Their platform will enable us to operate more efficiently, control waste, decrease wait times, enhance consistency and, most importantly, meet guests’ needs,” said Andy Lansing, president and chief executive officer of Levy.

Miso’s Flippy the robot product is already grilling burgers in Californian restaurants – and is lining up gigs in dozens more worldwide.

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