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Robots are becoming more sociable


The ‘social robot’ which has taken Japan by storm is now bidding to win admirers in Europe.

Musio, developed by AKA, will be introduced at en event in Berlin next week. Driven by its artificial intelligence engine ‘MUSE’, the robot is equipped to interact naturally with different age groups, as it seeks to offer companionship and support to humans.

“AKA’s next step is with Europe’s traditional hardware companies seeking innovation,” said Raymond Jung, CEO of AKA LLC. “By presenting Musio the robot, AKA is introducing its core technology, MUSE, to our future partners. We believe that our AI engine will present immeasurable opportunity to those calling out for ‘AI Plus’ for the upcoming industrial revolution.”

Musio is already being used in a variety of ways in Japan. Primary and secondary schools across the country will soon welcome the friendly robot, while health centres in Japan are working with AKA to see how Musio can help combat Alzheimer’s disease.

Now the company behind the innovation wants to make an impact in Europe by partnering with different industries, including electronics and automakers.

It is just the latest example of the growing importance of social robotics. Just yesterday we reported that MIT engineers have developed a ‘socially aware’ autonomous robot; one of many new innovations in this area.

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