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Robot to climb Norwegian fjord


A Panasonic robot is going to take on a ‘1,000m fjord vertical climb’ in Norway this week.

The company’s EVOLTA Robot will attempt the feat on 7 July at Lyse Fjord, Norway. It is the latest instalment of the EVOLTA Robot Challenge, which has previously seen robots successfully climb the cliff of the Grand Canyon, and complete a triathlon.

Friday will be another tough test – for a robot powered by two AA dry cell EVOLTA NEO batteries.

Tomotaka Takahashi, who created the Mr EVOLTA NEO robot, said: “I am so excited for this year’s challenge on the world’s precipitous 1,000m fjord vertical climb. I am aware that we have to undergo difficulties to succeed. Our robot will be moving all day powered only by Panasonic’s two EVOLTA NEO dry cell batteries that can give a stable power supply to the robot. We have set our bar higher this year, but looking forward to our greatest challenge through leveraging and maximizing our past experiences.”

Watch it live at 4:30 am Local Time (UTC 3:30 am).


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