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Roadmap to a sustainable future

Imagine being stranded in an extreme situation desperately thinking of ways to survive. The need to act would be immediate, the danger obvious, so why is humanity failing to act when it finds itself in that situation right now? And what if there was a roadmap to escape the worst outcomes?

Instead of destroying the ecosystems that give humanity its lifeline to the future, let’s implement actions that secure a sustainable tomorrow for all. Sound good? Of course it does. So have a listen to Marc Buckley’s recent keynote address in Milan, at the 9th International Forum on Food and Nutrition – organised by the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition (BCFN) Foundation – and get on board with following the roadmap that takes us in that direction. The internationally renowned sustainable futurist and innovator’s message talks to corporates and individuals alike – it talks to you.


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Iain Robertson
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