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Roadmap to a Global Circular Economy

GERMANY – The post headline comes from the name of a panel session due to take place at the Global Food Summit in Munich this March. Exploring food waste as a raw material, session 4: Global Panel – A Roadmap to a Global Circular Economy will include input from David McGinty, Global Director of PACE, an initiative of the World Economic Forum and the World Resources Institute focused on the global ‘promotion of public-private partnerships for the realization of circular economies’.

With estimates that two-thirds of us will living in city environments by 2040, growing an urban Circular Food Economy must be a key priority for policymakers at a time when city waste is predicted to double to 2.6 billion tons annually by the middle of this decade.

“We are experiencing a dramatic global increase in the use of raw materials and waste production, which are negatively impacting pollution levels, biodiversity, natural resources and climate change,” McGinty said. “I am excited to lead PACE and our partners, as we design and scale innovative technologies, business models, policy frameworks and financing mechanisms to realize a global circular economy that addresses these critical issues.”

The Global Food Summit runs from 25 to 26 March 2020 in the Munich Residence. Please register here.

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