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Rise + shine to a plant-based brekkie

USA – The Good Food Institute (GFI) believes 2020 will see the dawn of the plant-based breakfast being a seriously in-demand start to the day.

Back in 2017, we reported plant-based foods were expected to be a ‘hot trend’ in 2018. GFI was one of the leading voices making that prediction. Since then this multi-billion dollar market has grown rapidly, with popular brands, including Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, capturing the public’s imagination with their plant-based meat products.

“The continued success of plant-based burgers at iconic chains such as Burger King and Carl’s Jr. indicates that plant-based is a mainstream phenomenon with staying power. While there is a lot of growth ahead for plant-based burgers (which still represent less than 3.5 percent of U.S. fast-food burger sales), a very different category is poised for its plant-based star turn: breakfast,” blogged Zak Weston on the GFI website.

In America, Zak points to news that:”Dunkin’ is partnering with Beyond Meat to make a plant-based breakfast sandwich available in 9,000 locations nationwide on November 6, two months ahead of schedule, after a successful test of the product this summer.”

He adds: “Consumers already expect beef, pork, seafood, and chicken on most foodservice menus, and increasingly, they’re also expecting plants. Innovators like Dunkin’ are poised to reap large profits as they introduce Americans to plant protein awesomeness for the most important meal of the day.”

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