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Rise of the digital citizen

We are media partners with GSMA’s Mobile360 Africa event in Kigali next month. Industry leaders will gather in Rwanda from 16 to 18 July to talk about the digital landscape shaping the future of the region, including 5G, AI, blockchain, and security.

One element of the programme will centre on the ‘innovation showcase and startup innovation zone’, where early stage companies from Sub-Saharan Africa will display their tech and connect with ‘investors, partners, and new clients’.

“From the producers of MWC Barcelona, Mobile 360 – Africa is the largest GSMA event on the continent of Africa. Under the theme Rise of the Digital Citizen, Mobile 360 – Africa gathers leaders from Africa’s tech and telecom landscape to share disruptive, provocative, and inspirational ideas contributing to Africa’s digital rise,” the event website states. “In 2018, the conference focused on ‘who was leading the digital revolution’, but in 2019, we look at who benefits from the digital revolution. What impact will digital have on the job market, content creation, commercial trends, and what are the key stepping-stones for creating a digital society that is inclusive and secure for the future?”

Tickets are available online now.

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