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Ricoh joins renewables revolution


Ricoh is the first company headquartered in Japan to sign up to an international initiative of corporations committed to using 100% renewable power.

It has joined the RE100 project, a growing body of influential global companies taking action to deliver a sustainable future.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Ricoh, the first RE100 member headquartered in Japan – a country known for its technology, with huge potential in renewables. Ricoh’s commitment to 100% renewable electricity sends a clear signal that corporate demand is increasing globally. We look forward to working with this leading company to share the combined knowledge of RE100’s membership and help them achieve their renewable electricity ambitions,” said Sam Kimmins, Head of the RE100.

And work is underway to recruit more Japanese companies to RE100. A collaboration between one of the organisations behind the platform, The Climate Group, who manage it with CDP, and the Japan Climate Leaders Partnership (Japan-CLP), will promote RE100 in Japan.

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