|17 November 2016|


Virgin Voyages is harnessing the power of heat in a move which will slash its carbon dioxide emissions.

Richard Branson’s company will tap into Swedish based Climeon’s heat power solution to generate electricity from the ships engine – ‘heat that would otherwise be dumped’.

Climeon CEO Thomas Öström said: “As WWF recognises, heat power has the potential to be a major cornerstone in the fight to solve the climate crisis. At Climeon we are immensely proud to be a leader and pioneer in this work.”

It is estimated Virgin Voyages will radically reduce its impact on the environment by using the 100% green electricity source with an estimated 5,400 tons of carbon dioxide savings annually per ship.

Virgin Voyages President and CEO Tom Mcalpin said: “I was amazed when I heard that Climeon operated at twice the efficiency of traditional heat conversion technologies. That meant Climeonʼs breakthrough technology was must-have on all Virgin Voyages ship. It’s a brilliant way to reduce emissions and at the same time cut costs. As the first line to put this on board cruise ships we are incredibly excited about this partnership and thank Climeon creating a better future for all of us.”