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‘Recycling – it’s worth it’


A recycling initiative in the UK is striving to engage more than 10 million people this week with the problems caused by waste.

The Recycling Week programme, which kicked off today, is running with the theme: ‘Recycling – it’s worth it’ as it seeks to get the public on board with the need to keep waste out of landfill.

Linda Crichton, Head of Resource Management at WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme), said: “Recycle Week is a great opportunity to remind people why their recycling efforts are worth it. We know from our research that there is still some confusion over certain items, but there is also the appetite to understand more about recycling, and some people want to be really good recyclers, which is really encouraging. We have to get the right messages out there about exactly what can be recycled and the more support we can get, the better!  Last year the campaign reached over 10 million people and we want to reach even more this year.”

And the fact of the day from Grundon Recycle helps shine a light on the issue.

The benefits of tackling waste are both environmental and economic. As we reported last week, the London Assembly’s study, Waste: The Circular Economy’, estimates that by 2041 London could slash its waste levels by 60% – and generate £7 billion for the economy – by shifting to a circular economy model.

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