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Recycling and the circular economy

There is just over a month until Global Recycling Day. The second edition, led by the Global Recycling Foundation, will be held on 18 March.

The organisers are calling on the recycling industry to rise to the challenge of improving the circular economy and helping to tackle the climate crisis.

“Recycling and the circular economy are crucial to beating climate change. The Global Recycling Foundation is calling on the recycling industry to recognise their role in improving the circular economy and alleviating the effects of climate change – we have to recycle more and do it now,” said Ranjit Baxi, Founding President of the Global Recycling Foundation. “This is the reason Global Recycling Day was launched in 2018, to encourage the world to think ‘resource not waste’. And, as part of the Global Recycling Foundation’s mission to support educational programmes focused on the sustainable development of recycling, we are continuing to support its growth in 2019. Our second Global Recycling Day 2019 will take place on 18th March 2019 and we urge the world to support this movement.”

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