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Recyclables trading made simple


A young Silicon Valley firm is facilitating international recyclables trading via its innovative digital platform.

Scrapo is using technology to pave the way for simple deals between buyers and sellers, that lock in a ‘trust’ element to each trade. With the company’s mobile apps enabling communication in real-time between the two, to speed up the process, users can access hundreds of business opportunities at the touch of a button.

CEO Rashad Abbasov said people have to “understand that if plastics continue to end up in landfills or in the ocean instead of recycling centers or production plants, we are all going to suffer”.

He continued: “So we thought why not help plastic scraps find the right place? Even if our efforts lead to a single percentage increase in the amount of plastics recycled or reused globally, we would be happy that we contributed towards making the world a better place.”

And the company has devised a savvy way of providing the user with a system they can trust.

Abbasov added: “We understand that trust is the biggest concern surrounding this industry. That’s why we have come up with an innovative solution – an on-demand service called ScrapoSure – to ensure trust and security. If a buyer is ready to move ahead with a deal which they have negotiated with the seller, they can opt to avail ScrapoSure. Under this service, our team personally visits the seller’s site, verifies their identity, inspects the materials the seller has, supervises the loading process and assists with the logistics. We also provide escrow payment services so that if all goes well with the deal, the seller receives the payment as soon as the material is shipped. We want to make recyclables trading as easy and secure as buying a book on Amazon.”

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