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Record-breaking wind turbine installed

The world’s ‘most powerful single wind turbine’ has been installed at Vattenfall’s European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) in Scotland.

Vattenfall deployed the first of 11 turbines, designed by MHI Vestas, in Aberdeen Bay yesterday. With a tip height of 191 metres, a single rotation will generate enough energy to power a typical household for 24 hours.


“The EOWDC, through its innovative approach to cost reduction and pioneering technologies, leads the industry drive towards generating clean and competitive wind energy power – one that will reinforce Scotland’s global energy status,” said Gunnar Groebler, Vattenfall’s Head of Business Area Wind.


Scotland is a world leader in renewable power, and regularly makes the headlines for its industry breakthroughs, like being home to the world’s first offshore floating wind farm.

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