An offshore wind farm boasting the world’s largest turbines has been opened off the coast of England.

The Burbo Bank project’s 8MW turbines will be capable of powering around a quarter of a million homes. Located 7km off Liverpool Bay, the wind farm is owned by DONG Energy and its partners KIRKBI A/S and PKA.

“As the largest wind turbines ever begin to turn over Merseyside, the winds of change are being felt in the UK energy sector. UK offshore wind is on track to be the cheapest form of large-scale low carbon energy by the end of this decade, with new technologies like battery storage and smart grids allowing renewables to provide most of our UK power whatever the weather,” said Nina Schrank, Energy Campaigner at Greenpeace UK. “The offshore wind industry is at a watershed moment and the giant wind turbines at Burbo Bank are proof of huge leaps in innovation as costs have plummeted.”