|8 December 2015|

January 2016 sees the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) host its second annual conference in Glasgow which is set to showcase and exemplify IBioIC’s current and future activities; outline the Industrial Biotechnology (IB) landscape and opportunities in Scotland;  whilst linking communities to forge future collaborations between industry and academia.

Aiming to attract around 300 biobased professionals from across the UK and Europe, IBioIC is keen to place an emphasis on the trajectory of IB in Scotland. Having hosted ‘The Journey’s Started’, the centre’s first annual conference in early 2015, IBioIC sought to generate excitement about its intention to capitalise on the unprecedented demand from industry and show that the centre is working to offer its stakeholders the facilities and academic expertise required to move forward in the commercialisation of IB.

‘Realising the Opportunity’ sets the theme for 2016 and will demonstrate the scale and breadth of activity of the sector one year on.

Delegates can expect to find six sessions spread across two days featuring a global view of the industrial biotechnology sphere and the benefits of IBioIC’s industrial membership. An important highlight will be the Scottish skills strategy featuring the newly graduated class of 2015 relating their experiences and learnings from the UK’s first collaborative MSc in Industrial Biotechnology. Technical learnings will focus on  challenges in the areas of synthetic biology, bio-transformations, and integrated bioprocessing.

The conference will be a chance to reflect on the progress made in achieving the National Plan for Industrial Biotechnology so far as well as looking to the future of industrial biotechnology which includes discussing the range of open access facilities available across the UK, as well as the range of innovation funding options and the role of supporting agencies in leveraging the IB sector to success. IBioIC will also look to our global counterparts as examples which have successfully commercialised industrial biotechnology.

With over fifty speakers spanning the two days, this is set to be IBioIC’s biggest event yet and hopes to clearly demonstrate that Scotland and the UK, is evolving in its industrial leadership, academic excellence and industrial as well as international competitiveness.

The full programme will be available early December and registration is open now.