Innovators Magazine is launching a new quarterly multi-media platform, as part of the continuation of our collaboration with Knowledge4Innovation, organisers of the European Innovation Summit.


“Communication is a key element in accelerating the creation and adoption of innovations that can overcome society’s biggest challenges – and deliver a sustainable future for all. The European Innovation Summit and EU Top50 Startup competition are vehicles for advancing and facilitating change driven by science, new technologies, research and innovation. And this new multi-media quarterly platform complements them with actionable messages, discussions and debates that are designed to mainstream transformative ideas and opportunities.”

                                    Dr Roland Strauss, Managing Director of Knowledge4Innovation


It will continue the story of the EU Top 50 Startup (EU50) platform launched by K4I at the 2017 European Innovation Summit (click on image to read) and have the build up to the Summit’s 10th anniversary in November this year.

The multi-media platform will include podcasts, webinars, twitter chats – and more. There will also be a magazine element.

We hope you can join us in those conversations – as we look forward to joining yours.

Accelerating ideas + shifting paradigms

More generally we will communicate the actionable ideas that individuals, businesses and governments can implement to lock-in sustainability’; and discuss the best ways to adopt the agile mindsets and initiatives needed to succeed in the age of acceleration.

We’ll also look at where innovation is taking us: showcasing the ways it is transforming our transport systems, cities, jobs, healthcare – and all other aspects of life. And then delve into the decision-making options leaders can take to maximise the opportunities of change.

The destination set by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the de facto international blueprint for achieving a fair and sustainable world, is one the quarterly will chart every step of the way to 2030. And as a communications tool, we will play our part in mainstreaming the approaches and strategies that can make it a reality.

Special features, some in audio and video – in our digital editions, will also pinpoint pathways that can deliver on ambitions like gender equality – in areas including STEM roles; and that argue for the adoption of fluid business frameworks, like intrapreneurship platforms, that can better fuse the aspirations of corporates and individuals.

It is also a space for disseminating important research information to the public; where investors can find out about sustainable investment opportunities and where startups can gain insight into the crucial early steps worth prioritising.

And a place where you can enjoy lifestyle articles on topics like sustainable fashion, the growing importance and availability of plant-based meat alternatives, and the growing array of environmentally-friendly travel options.

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