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Themes unveiled for Food Tech Week


The future of food is to be served up in a dazzling display of technology and sustainability at the world’s premier week-long industry festival.

London Food Tech Week – from 30 October to 4 November – will shine a spotlight on the latest tech and trends and welcome stakeholders from across the global ecosystem: startups, businesses and investors. The city will host various events, speakers demonstrations – and more – in what promises to be an enlightening and engaging showcase of food production in the age of acceleration.

Unveiling details of the packed programme, organiser’s YFood have said each day will celebrate a new theme. These include, on Wednesday 1 November, Voting With Their Forks, when keynote Paul Newnham, a ‘member of the UN’s SDG 2 Advocacy hub coordinating global campaigning and advocacy to achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2‘ – to #zerohunger – will speak on social enterprise models making an impact in this area. And on Friday 3 November the theme will be Smart Food Cities. With a growing global population, and more moving to live in urban centres, it is vital new solutions are developed to feed everyone. One of the day’s headline acts, Dr Gary Stutte, led research at NASA into ensuring ‘safe and sustainable food production systems’ were in place for space missions. Gary will explain how the planet can feed nine billion mouths by 2050 – with a little help from space. Check out the other themes here.

Nadia El Hadery, Founder and CEO at YFood, said: “This year’s London Food Tech Week promises to showcase all the trends and innovative companies that are transforming our food ecosystem using technology. This is far from a conference. This is a week-long festival celebrating and connecting the incredible people and innovations that are helping us make huge strides in Food Tech, revolutionising the way we buy and consume food. It’s a must-attend for startups, investors, brands, marketers and food manufacturers alike.”

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