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Producing ‘zero waste plastics’

A French green chemistry company has won a prestigious European award for its bio-recycling technology.

The tech pioneered at Carbios is supporting the growth of circular economy practices in the plastics industry. Its ‘enzyme-based solutions’ provide ‘biodegradable plastic products or infinite recycling for PET plastic products’.

And Carbios has picked up EuropaBio’s 2017 Most Innovative EU Biotech SME Award for its pioneering biological process, which breaks down plastic into parts that can be reused, creating a closed-loop system.

“It is an honour for Carbios to receive this award for its pioneering approach based on the use of enzymes, which will bring cutting-edge solutions to produce zero waste plastics for all single use purposes and also infinitely recycle PET based plastics such as bottles and packaging,” said Jean-Claude Lumaret, Chief Executive Officer of Carbios. “As we work hard to bring our solutions to the market, programs like the EuropaBio SME Awards create an environment of strong support for biotech companies across the board.”

L’Oréal is currently working with Carbios to use its innovations to create circular packaging.


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L’Oréal eyes circular packaging


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