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Power is a cross-channel affair

A proposed new electric power cable connecting England and France would have the capacity to transmit electricity to millions of homes.

Subsea survey specialist, MMT, is currently carrying out a geophysical survey of the cable corridor that would facilitate the AQUIND Interconnector project.

“With the capacity of 2,000 MW, AQUIND Interconnector will improve security of supply, help foster greater renewable power integration and make the national grids more robust by supplying them with vital ancillary services. The project is fully private and is being developed without any government subsidies,” the AQUIND website states.

The survey is another step towards realising the new energy network.

Stefan Eliasson, MMTs CEO, added: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to support the AQUIND Interconnector project work and look forward working with the Aquind Team to deliver a successful marine survey campaign along the proposed cable corridor.”

The cable would link England’s south coast with Normandy in France.

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