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Posties join the delivery revolution


Robots and drones are transforming the delivery business. Whether they are delivering pizzas, donuts, or small parcels, they are undoubtedly shaking things up.

There is a new addition to the twenty first century delivery landscape, though.


Often billed as next for the scrapheap, with robots about to take over the world and all (so say easily excitable clickbait headline writers, there is an upside to it all) – posties in Australia are showing the way forward.

They are riding bespoke three-wheeled electric delivery vehicles to speed around local areas in Brisbane. The bikes have three times the capacity of the motorbikes they currently use.

“As our business transforms so too are the jobs that our workforce are doing. A few years ago we equipped our posties so they can deliver small parcels and this latest initiative will allow them to deliver even more – helping to ensure their roles remain meaningful well into the future,” said Angela Creedon, Queensland State Manager.


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