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Posters depict future food systems

The winners of a poster competition held as part of World Food Day have been named.

Organised by the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nation, October’s World Food day saw events taking place in over 150 countries.

The theme for 2017 was change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development.

And the poster competition for young creatives was an opportunity for the next generation of innovators to communicate their ideas on these topics and their importance in achieving zero hunger.

The winners are below – and you can check out all the finalists here.

Ages 5 to 8

The wining poster by Iranian, Soheil Ahmadpour, shows a “happy and active rural life where men and women work together to make the best use of land, water and soil, and produce most of their needs and export their land to other areas”.

Ages 9 to 12

Davi Gabriel M. Aurelio, from the Philippines, won with his Tree of Life poster.
“My drawing emphasizes great opportunities and encouragements. It highlights a bulb with details inside represents FAO itself who organized programs which invites migrant who suffered frustrations and hardships in life, may invest in food security and rural development. Their aim is to guide them to reach their dreams. The more the BULB spread its bright light, the more people may improve their future since FAO has enough power in bringing human to the highest level in agriculture and sustainable environment in terms of helping the community, pollution-free and worth living. My artpiece indeed calls each one of us to take a hand in promoting what FAO has started and encourage more people to invest instead of wasting time in migration, thereby greatly involving ourselves in the world, caring for our fellow humans and for the earth for a better tomorrow..”

Ages 13 to 15

Urvi Jain, from India, won with the ‘In need of fertility’ artwork.

Ages 16 to 19

And Warin Chaiyo, from Thailand, won with Khraw Thai Khraw Lok, which says:good food can be obtained by using quality raw materials. And it is important to pay attention to the food as well’.

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